[sr-dev] licensing of videos and images from Kamailio World?

Henning Westerholt hw at gilawa.com
Wed Mar 23 23:01:13 CET 2022

Hello Daniel,

you are only partially correct. Under German copyright law there are different copyrights:

- a copyright on the video on itself (which probably belongs to Pascom, as you've stated)
- a copyright on the presentation (which belongs to the person presenting)
- a copyright to the slides/other material shown (which belongs to the creator of the slides/other material)

I do not think that Pascom can simply give these rights away.

A similar right situation would be e.g., if I visit a concert of a well-known and famous band and record it on my smartphone. I can not simple release this to the world, as I do not own the rights on the actual music performance. Or when I make a picture from the Mona Lisa, I am not allowed to sell my own copies from it etc..



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On 23/03/2022 21:29, Henning Westerholt wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
> I am not aware of any explicit copyright assignment process that were done at the last KamailioWorld conferences, at least the ones that I participated.
> So, the copyright of the individual content (videos, slides) belongs to the individual author/presenter. For the videos there is also probably some copyright regarding the video production (e.g. like it was done from the Pascom guys). Obviously, the individual country rights (Germany as the location, and probably also the authors origin) should be considered as well.

In the law, it is not the presenter, the author is the person taking a photo or making a video:


In this case, it sounds like Pascom owns the copyright

Presenters would retain rights in their materials, e.g. slides and photos used inside their slides

The videos are therefore a derivative work, derived from any materials used by the presenter.

> In most cases the authors did not explicitly choose a licence for their content, so there is no well-known licence like creative commons under which this content is available.

In a perfect world, all the presenters, video camera operators and people who worked on editing (Pascom) would sign a disclaimer accepting CC BY-SA or whatever.

For many purposes it would probably be sufficient for Pascom to provide a statement to accept CC BY-SA 4.0 retrospectively, if they like that idea.  They could send an email here and link to it from the web page.

> Fair use rights should apply in line with the individual country rights, but I am of course not a lawyer.
> If you want to (re-)use or reproduce this content in a commercial setting you probably should contact the individual authors/presenter.

Actually, I think the bigger thing is for Pascom to give that authorization.




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