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Fri Nov 12 17:25:38 CET 2021

#### Pre-Submission Checklist
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- [X] Commit message has the format required by CONTRIBUTING guide
- [X] Commits are split per component (core, individual modules, libs, utils, ...)
- [X] Each component has a single commit (if not, squash them into one commit)
- [X] No commits to README files for modules (changes must be done to docbook files
in `doc/` subfolder, the README file is autogenerated)

#### Type Of Change
- [ ] Small bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)
- [X] New feature (non-breaking change which adds new functionality)
- [ ] Breaking change (fix or feature that would change existing functionality)

#### Checklist:
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- [X] Tested changes locally
- [ ] Related to issue #XXXX (replace XXXX with an open issue number)

#### Description

Two separate commits per component: TSILO and TM.
Important, this implementation has been tested internally and is in use by us already.
Contributions to both TSILO and TM are made so, that they save full back-compatibility and do not affect existing implementation.


TSILO: Add support of a lookup and branch creating by contact

Improvement of the TSILO module, which allows to run a lookup using the provided RURI,
but only to create a new branch for the Contact, which is set in the currently processed REGISTER.
Or optionally a Contact URI value given as a parameter to the function.
If the Contact URI for a lookup, is given as a parameter,
it is possible to provide it as a pseudo-variable.

Hence it is now possible to append new branch(es) for only UAC(s)
getting REGISTERED at the moment of calling 'ts_append_by_contact()'.

Previously it was only possible to call 'ts_append()' and create new branches
for all previously present location records (for this specific URI), which was in some circumstsances undersired.

New script functions introduced:
- ts_append_by_contact(table, ruri [, contact])

New module functions introduced:
- w_ts_append_by_contact2() / ki_ts_append_by_contact()
- w_ts_append_by_contact3 / ki_ts_append_by_contact_uri()
- ts_append_by_contact() / ts_append_by_contact_to()

Backwards compatibility is saved, the new functionality is not overlapping with
the previously existing implementation, hence it only acts when the new script function
ts_append_by_contact() is used.

The documentation has been updated accordingly.


TM: API improvement, new function introduced: t_append_branch_by_contact()

New module functions introduced:
- t_append_branch_by_contact()

This commit introduces a possibility of TM's API to append a branch
based on specific location (Contact's URI).

Indeed the 't_append_branch_by_contact()' is a corrected copy of
the 't_append_branches()', which instead takes Contact as a parameter
of str type and takes care to append a branch only for it.

The separate function has been introduced, in order to save full
back-compatibility, and not affect existing implementation.

You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * <a href="https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/pull/2931/commits/6bdb1dbdd9726b1b45c09dcc7a8611c94cbde5f2">tsilo: Add support of a lookup and branch creating by contact</a>
  * <a href="https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/pull/2931/commits/7d0f21edde6a816a75fd0453f50e8421b750b6bb">tm: API improvement, new function introduced: t_append_branch_by_contact()</a>

-- File Changes --

    M src/modules/tm/t_append_branches.c (206)
    M src/modules/tm/t_append_branches.h (4)
    M src/modules/tm/tm_load.c (1)
    M src/modules/tm/tm_load.h (1)
    M src/modules/tsilo/doc/tsilo.xml (5)
    M src/modules/tsilo/doc/tsilo_admin.xml (54)
    M src/modules/tsilo/ts_append.c (116)
    M src/modules/tsilo/ts_append.h (2)
    M src/modules/tsilo/tsilo.c (269)

-- Patch Links --


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