[sr-dev] Build kamailio 5.3.1 db_mysql module with percona.

Andrey Deykunov deykunov at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 15:46:19 CEST 2021


We have kamailio server v. 5.3.1 with db_mysql.so built with our old mysql
library 5.1.41. Now I'm trying to build it with libperconaclient20. I've
tried many variants of build configuration, but every time I got errors
when kamailio stops or starts, such:

*2021-07-06T06:01:20.943809-07:00 devhpbx005-1
/var/lib/ums/sbin/kamailio[25711]: ERROR: db_mysql [km_my_con.c:139]:
db_mysql_new_connection(): driver error: Lost connection to MySQL server at
'reading authorization packet', system error:
112021-07-06T06:01:20.946591-07:00 devhpbx005-1
/var/lib/ums/sbin/kamailio[25711]: ERROR: <core> [db.c:319]: db_do_init2():
could not add connection to the pool2021-07-06T06:01:20.947224-07:00
devhpbx005-1 /var/lib/ums/sbin/kamailio[25711]: ERROR: auth_db
[auth_db_mod.c:159]: child_init(): unable to connect to the
database2021-07-06T06:01:20.947592-07:00 devhpbx005-1
/var/lib/ums/sbin/kamailio[25711]: ERROR: <core> [core/sr_module.c:806]:
init_mod_child(): error while initializing module auth_db
(/var/lib/ums/lib64/kamailio/modules/auth_db.so) (idx: 5 rank: 5 desc:
[udpreceiver child=4 sock= <>])*


*2021-07-06T06:18:43.159744-07:00 devhpbx005-1
/var/lib/ums/sbin/kamailio[30954]: CRITICAL: <core>
[core/mem/q_malloc.c:150]: qm_debug_check_frag(): BUG: qm: prev. fragm.
tail overwritten(0, 0)[0x7fd5c6c85bc8:0x7fd5c6c85c00]! Memory allocator was
calledfrom core: db_res.c:114. Fragment marked by db_mysql: km_my_con.c:75.
Exec from core/mem/q_malloc.c:391.*

Is there some specific way to build kamailio with percona?

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