[sr-dev] ims_qos module - dedicated bearer release after call end

Pafel pafels at gmail.com
Wed Feb 12 13:14:43 CET 2020

I am using ims qos module to send Rx_AAR for dedicated bearer via Diameter
RX interface. Kamailio PCSCF is configured with #!define WITH_RX_CALL. It
is working as expected but I have an issue with the release of the bearer
after the call is disconnected. There is no function available to release
the bearer. As I saw the only way to do this is via the rx_auth_expiry
which is static:

modparam("ims_qos", "rx_auth_expiry", 120)

Is this something that is planned to be developed in the future or there is
something I am missing?

Thanks in advance!
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