[sr-dev] kamailio based IMSinBOX

Henning Westerholt hw at kamailio.org
Mon Mar 18 08:17:52 CET 2019

Am Sonntag, 17. März 2019, 22:17:13 CET schrieb vgribanovsky at yandex.ru:
> last week I completed the development of the prototype IMS - IMSinBOX.
> Development was done at the request of employer in order to create
> stand for testing and demonstration of its main products: OCS / PCRF.

Hello Vadim,

thank you for the contribution. We are always open to bug fixes and also 
extensions if they fit. Could you please create pull requests on github for 
this changes? Then we can review easily and also integrate them into git 
master. You find documentation about how to do this here:


Best regards,


> Since all basic IMSinBOX's nodes made using the code of the "Kamailio"
> I think it is necessary to provide the community of "Kamailio" developers
> all the fixes and additions, which made me in project, including:
>     modules                         problems                        fix
> methods
> 1   ims_registrar_pcscf     identification of the           identification
> of the ims_usrloc_pcscf          client based onto "Via"     client based
> onto "host:port:proto" ims_qos                        "host:port:proto"
> mislead  received usrloc & qos
> 2   siputils/                         bug in the functions          fix
>         chargingvector          settind, getting
>     lib/ims/                           ICID/IOI
>         ims_getters
> 3   ims_charging               bugs;                                 fix;
>                                          lack of IMS message        
> implement ECUR using OMA charging                            CPM Charging
> Specification

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