[sr-dev] kamailio based IMSinBOX

vgribanovsky at yandex.ru vgribanovsky at yandex.ru
Sun Mar 17 22:17:13 CET 2019

Dear development team,

last week I completed the development of the prototype IMS - IMSinBOX.
Development was done at the request of employer in order to create
stand for testing and demonstration of its main products: OCS / PCRF.

Since all basic IMSinBOX's nodes made using the code of the "Kamailio"
I think it is necessary to provide the community of "Kamailio" developers
all the fixes and additions, which made me in project, including:

    modules                         problems                        fix methods     
1   ims_registrar_pcscf     identification of the           identification of the
    ims_usrloc_pcscf          client based onto "Via"     client based onto "host:port:proto"
    ims_qos                        "host:port:proto" mislead  received
                                          usrloc & qos                     

2   siputils/                         bug in the functions          fix
        chargingvector          settind, getting
    lib/ims/                           ICID/IOI

3   ims_charging               bugs;                                 fix;
                                         lack of IMS message         implement ECUR using OMA 
                                         charging                            CPM Charging Specification

Best regards,

Vadim Gribanovsky
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