[sr-dev] kamailio 5.2 : which is the best way to connect to Kamailio and to manage him?

yboujraf at by-research.be yboujraf at by-research.be
Sun Jan 6 08:04:17 CET 2019



I worked with Kamailio 4.2 and I have updated the Kamailio.cfg to forward some events to my automation system.

Unfortunately, when I tried to migrate to Kamailio 5.2, the Kamailio.cfg changed and I am not able to copy/paste my code as it is.


I have read there is new ways to interact with Kamailio 5.2 with scripting or json or directly access to the database.

Tried to find any information but nothing.


I am asking if somebody could share a link and example how to interact easily with Kamailio 5.2 then I could update my own code 😉


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