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Daniel Ciprus daniel.ciprus at acision.com
Wed Feb 5 23:16:22 CET 2014


Thanks for quick response. Yes, this is 3rd party registration. Unfortunately this (according to specs I listed below) shouldn't happen. Is there any workaround except messing around with textops and replacing things in Contact: ? I will need to add optional parameters from original REGISTER to 3rd party REGISTER, that's the goal.


On 02/05/2014 02:16 PM, Camille Oudot wrote:

Le Wed, 5 Feb 2014 12:13:17 -0500,
Daniel Ciprus <daniel.ciprus at acision.com><mailto:daniel.ciprus at acision.com> a écrit :

For our application to work we'd like to see not modified Contact:
from Kamailio being sent towards our AS. Unfortunately this is not
happening now. Below are REGISTER messages from client and message
which is sent to AS. I wasn't able to find any logic in .cfg file so
I thought this would be the place where I should post my problem.
According to 3GPP TS 24.229, RFC 3261, RFC 5626 it seems like this is
not the behavior which should be happening.

Hi Daniel,

This looks like a third party register sent on the ISC interface.
AFAIK, the behavior you are seeing is normal. The original REGISTER is
not proxied: a new dialog between S-CSCF and AS is started instead (the
S-CSCF becomes the UAC). The IMPU of the user that is triggering the
third party register cans be seen in the To: header field, and the
original Contact URI info is lost.


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