[sr-dev] [SR-Users] Update existing module or create new?

Charles Chance charles.chance at sipcentric.com
Wed Feb 27 11:15:52 CET 2013

Hi Henning,

On 22 February 2013 13:19, Henning Westerholt <hw at kamailio.org> wrote:

> Am Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013, 23:37:07 schrieb Charles Chance:
> > [..]
> > We now have an updated memcached module, working with libmemcached and
> also
> > with the added ability to (optionally) specify expiry in the format
> > $mct(key=>expiry).
> >
> > How do we get these changes pushed back into the master?
> Hello Charles,
> sounds great! If this is a smaller patch, it could be simply applied to the
> git master branch from a developer, after the branching of the 4.0 version
> next week. Ovidiu sended you some informations about that already.
> But I assume its a more intrusive change which maybe also bring some new
> bugs
> etc...? Do you plan to do more work on this module?
> Best regards,
> Henning Westerholt

The structure is very much the same as before, but I think it is more than
a small patch. There is certainly potential for new bugs! I do plan to add
multi-server support at some point and I am happy to maintain/bug fix where
necessary. Also happy to update the documentation. Other than that, there's
not much more to add at this time.




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