[SR-Dev] git:sip-router: libsr_dbk: added kamailio db interface as lib

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Fri Nov 21 04:34:56 CET 2008

On 21-11 03:46, Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul wrote:
> Note that lib/sr_dbk includes all the history from kamailio/openser
> (if you run git log on lib/sr_dbk you'll see all the commits from svn
>  that touched db/).
> I've also created a script that automatically converts a kamailio module
> to sip-router. It adds -DKAMAILIO_MOD_INTERFACE to the Makefile and if
> the module uses DB, it automatically fixes all the includes and adds the
> link with libsk_dbk makefile magic.
> (attached, it might make sense to have it on git, but I can't think of
>  a good place for it)

  I just commited the stuff that I created. Basically it is the same approach
  as yours, except that I went a bit further and added both db api versions
  as libraries.

  Furthermore I took both ser and kamailio mysql modules and integrated them
  into a single db_mysql module which supports both versions of the db API
  and links with both libraries.

  There were some conflicts in identifiers so I used the most straightforward
  approach and renamed the conflicting names in the older version, for example,
  db_con_t becomes db_con1_t there.

  You can find it in branch janakj/db, I only took it to the state when it
  compiles, this stuff is not supposed to be used or merged into the master
  branch, I only commited it so that others (Henning) can take a look at it
  and comment.

  The renaming of some data structures and typedefs only needs to be done
  in the libraries and in the database drivers that link with both libraries.
  In other modules we can just typedef them to the correct version depending
  on the version of the library the module is using, so there will be no need
  to change the code of all modules.

  This approach is quite straightforward and we can make lots of modules from
  both projects work quickly with the integrated core. Eventually, after all
  modules are converted to the new db api, we can drop support for the older
  library and remove the old interface from database drivers.

  Unless nobody objects, I would suggest we do the following:

  1) Convert both API versions into libraries. Here I would suggest some
     simpler name, sr_dbk sounds is cryptic, how about using just db1 and db2
	 possibly prefixed with sr (libsrdb1, libsrdb2)?

  2) Rename conflicting identifiers in both libraries, i.e. db_con1, db_con2,
     db_res1, db_res2.

  2) Merge database drivers from both projects. Here I would suggest we
     adopt the naming scheme from Kamailio and prefix all of them with db_.

  4) Link modules that use db with one of the libraries.


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