[SR-Dev] git:sip-router: libsr_dbk: added kamailio db interface as lib

Andrei Pelinescu-Onciul andrei at iptel.org
Fri Nov 21 03:46:03 CET 2008

Note that lib/sr_dbk includes all the history from kamailio/openser
(if you run git log on lib/sr_dbk you'll see all the commits from svn
 that touched db/).

I've also created a script that automatically converts a kamailio module
to sip-router. It adds -DKAMAILIO_MOD_INTERFACE to the Makefile and if
the module uses DB, it automatically fixes all the includes and adds the
link with libsk_dbk makefile magic.
(attached, it might make sense to have it on git, but I can't think of
 a good place for it)

I think we should merge everything into master, or some other branch,
because there are too many branches at this point and it's hard to say
 which is the one most up-to-date.
It will generate a lot of emails (all the commits merged will generate
an email). We could also wait a little longer and try to come up with
some commit email policy. We have 3 options:
 1. like now, all commits to all branches are emailed, for every merge
 2. we have "silent" branches (e.g. <username>/.*) with no emails, and
  normal branches (e.g. master)
 3. all branches send emails, but a commit will be sent only once
 (you will not see the email again when somebody merges one branch that
 has it into a branch that doesn't have it).

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