[SR-Dev] [OpenSIPS-Users] [Fwd: [Serdev] the sip router project]

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Wed Nov 5 15:28:25 CET 2008

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu writes:

 > Have you ever consider a fork as an option driven by technical needs?? 
 > Like to do something totally different than you have and than the other 
 > people want to do.
 > After 7 year of SER/OpenSER I (and many other) got to simplest 
 > conclusion that the current design is not able to sustain the progress 
 > of SER / OpenSER (like scripting, async calls, integration, scaling, 
 > etc) ? Mainly because SER was design 7 years ago when there was only 
 > stateless processing, no TCP, etc....


the above makes sense, but i have never been able to figure out why you
could not implement the new designs as part of openser project that you
yourself started.  if it was due to people, that may happen any time
again (unless you work alone) and has nothing to do with technical

-- juha

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