[SR-Dev] forking and unforking

Martin Hoffmann martin.hoffmann at telio.ch
Tue Nov 4 21:01:49 CET 2008

Johansson Olle E wrote:
> Forking might be a good thing and  
> in some
> cases, the only way forward for a developer or a group of developers.  
> There's
> a reason why the open source licenses actually gives users and  
> developers
> the right to fork. And one have to realize, you can't work with  
> everyone every
> time. In Open Source, you don't pick your community and learn to work  
> with
> almost every strange type there is. In some cases, chemistry just  
> doesn't work.
> Often is more about people, than about code, features or actual result.

There is essentially two types of forks. One, what could be called
the OpenBSD-type, essentially is a relief to everyone. People that
can't work together split up and everyone is happier afterwards.
Both sides will insist that the other is a bunch of morons, but that
is how it is.

Then there is the EGCS-type. A group of developers believes the old project
to be to slow and stuck in their way and leaves. They proof their point and
after some time, everyone agrees that they had valid points and a merge

I truly believe that The Original Fork was of the latter type. I think that
we who stuck with SER learned our lessons. We still all have our reasons
why we stayed with SER and I think it important that our reasons are heard
and taken seriously. But in the end the situation is that the community
approach taken by OpenSER is more successful in terms of integrating people
and encouraging to contribute their time and effort.

> Let's move forward and bring back the fun to these projects and create
> great products!

One second, I need to go fill my glass again ... There we are ... I toast
to that!

Best regards,
Mar"Hmm, Merlot"tin
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