[SR-Dev] Usrloc, Databases, and Caching

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Wed Dec 10 21:01:02 CET 2008

Martin Hoffmann wrote:
> Heisann,
> I know everyone is busy getting this project off the ground, but I
> think it might be worthwhile discussing the future on the side and
> anyway, this regards the database API which sort of is currently being
> nailed down.
> Since we were talking about it internally, I was thinking a bit about
> the future of usrloc. It has this thing where it caches entries in
> memory. Now, technically usrloc is just a database (or maybe a database
> on top of a database). Wouldn't it make sense to get rid of it and
> instead implement a database module that caches and then simplify the
> registrar module to use database queries directly?

we have thought of it a couple of times, but it always remind sort of
nice-to-have, maybe because in many cases doing just a local DB replica
does a comparable job for the read-only tables.


> This has the benefit that other modules can suddenly use caching, too,
> if they want. In SER, the domain module for instance already does some
> caching, so there is some code replication.
> I believe the database API to be simple enough to provide caching
> especially since the new model with pre-registered queries allows the
> cache to be set up with those queries in mind.
> Regards,
> Martin
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