[Kamailio-Devel] Suggestions for SR Projects

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Wed Apr 29 23:48:53 CEST 2009


I have created a new page in the wiki with suggestions for some interesting
sip-router related development projects. The list is here:


These are mostly my personal suggestions, things that I consider nice-to-have
or interesting (and which I kept on my todo lists for far too long). Most of
them would make nice projects for students.

If you are a student, or if you supervise students, or if you are interested
in working on some of the topics then, please let me know. I'd be happy to
help you get started and provide some initial implementation guidance.

If you have some suggestions for additional work topics or an itch to scrach
then feel free to add them to the list. It would be great if we could collect
a list of ideas of non-critical and experimental nature there.

The list currently contains:
 * Integration With User and Group Database in UNIX/Linux
 * Dynamically Configured Mass Virtual Hosting
 * Generic RADIUS Driver
 * Syntax Highlighting of SER Configuration in Dokuwiki
 * Internalization of Reason Phrases
 * Multiplexing of SIP and RTP on One Socket
 * Database Driver for Sqlite
 * Overload Control for sip-router
 * MAC Address Authentication and Authorization
 * Python Integration
 * SOCKS Support
 * SIP and RTP Multiplexing

(The overload was suggested by Victor Pascual Avila, contact Victor if you
want more information).


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