[Devel] Openser call state

Bayan Towfiq bayan at towfiq.com
Wed Jun 20 12:27:33 CEST 2007

Openser does not generally hold call-state or need call state for  
it's operation. It can run in stateless mode or in transaction  
stateful mode using the TM module. Therefore, it's very easy to set  
up an HA system since you don't have to do any replication of state  
between the two proxies.

Bayan Towfiq

On Jun 20, 2007, at 5:58 PM, lariny guy wrote:

> Hi,
> Can anyone tell me where the openser call state is saved. I have to  
> replicate this state on two nodes, one standby and the other active  
> for high availabilty purposes. I have to replicate the OK response  
> to INVITE and the BYE request. In case of crash, an other server  
> come up and continue the transaction at OK or INVITE.
> For example, In the Asterisk SIP module, the call-state information  
> is saved in the handle_response() function as part of the INVITE  
> and BYE processing. The the channel control blocks (struct  
> ast_channel, struct ast_channel_pvt) and the SIP private control  
> block (struct sip_pvt).
> For the case of openser, i don't know where the state call is saved!
> Thanks
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