[Devel] TM : retransmission timers

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Tue Nov 28 11:48:31 CET 2006


On 11/17/06 19:39, Jean-François SMIGIELSKI wrote:
> [...]
> I propose to change the main timer mechanism, and replace the "sleep" with a
> "select" that can manage subsecond timeouts. This main timer would just wait
> until the next registered timer expire, and would fire all timers with an
> expiration time too close. The current use of a global tick counter is a great
> idea, it should be sufficient to change tick's length with a ratio. I propose to
> go to the milli-second, so a ratio of 1000.
> The problem is to keep compatibility with older versions:
> * The "time" parameter in the timer callback should still be in seconds (and
>   should be the modulo of the real millisecond timer).
> * the registration function should still take a timer in seconds that would be
>   internally multiplied into a milli-timer.
> The simplest way of change is to introduce a "get_milli_tick()" function that
> could give a value between "(get_tick()*1000)" and "(get_tick()+1)*1000". All
> the modules that would take advantage of the new precision could use
> "get_milli_tick()" in place of "get_tick()". There is a need of a new timer
> registration function, able to take milli-seconds.
> This implies changes in some of the following modules: DIALOG, EXEC, MEDIAPROXY,
> SILO, NATHELPER, PA, PDT, PIKE, TM, USRLOC. All of them register at least one
> timer and could be impacted.
> It is fairly simple if an usage of the time parameter (given to the timer
> callback) can be replaced with a call to "get_tick()". I think that only TM
> should have ti use the "get_milli_tick()", and all the others could continue to
> use "get_tick()" in place of the "time" parameter.
> We such a set of functions, it should be simpler to solve the INVITE request
> retransmissions to follow the RFC3261.
> So ... what do you think about it? In my opinion, it seems quite straight
> forward.
yes, you are right. The best thing to do it to register your comments to 
OpenSER tracker so this email does not get lost on mailing list.


If you can attach a patch would be great (even for 1.1.x). This issue 
will get solved before the next release in a way or other.


> Thanks in advance.
> JF Smigielski
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