[Devel] Fokus releases openIMS core

Klaus Darilion klaus.mailinglists at pernau.at
Tue Nov 21 12:56:25 CET 2006

Hi Dragos!

Dragos Vingarzan wrote:
> Hi Klaus,
> The pcscf sets-up 4 IPSec transport mode associations with each UE. This 

UE == SIP Client (User Agent) ?

> is how 3GPP recommends it. It works together with AKA authentication and 
> the Service-Client/Server/Verify headers.

Does the proxy establish IPsec tunnels triggered by incoming requests? 
Wouldn't this be triggerd on IP level?
Aren't there any problems with call setupd delays due to IPsec handshakes?

Do you know why they do not use TLS?


Klaus Darilion

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