[Devel] module registrar and path_mode

Gregoire mlgg at hispeed.ch
Thu Nov 16 10:45:14 CET 2006

Hi everybody!

I want to use the Path support in the module registrar. So I set, in my
configuration file, the following parameters:

loadmodule "/usr/lib/openser/modules/registrar.so"

modparam("registrar", "use_path", 1)
modparam("registrar", "path_mode", 2)

I expected that OpenSER rejects all REGISTER requests that not have the
Path support indicated but in fact it accepts the REGISTER and reply
with a 200 OK instead of a 420 - Bad Extension.

I am using OpenSER 1.1.0 with TLS support in a debian package.

Does anyone have some experience with this module?



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