[Devel] RE: [Users] strict to loose - Route Header not removed

Walter Schober walter.schober at neotel.at
Thu May 11 22:53:34 CEST 2006

You are right, it is not normal. I misuse the Openser here doint NAT

In my scenrario, the OS puts itself into the contact to get all the calls
from a foreign registrar/proxy.

Client -> REGISTER -> OS/NAT -> other Proxy/Database

INVITE from outside -> other Proxy/route to Contact -> OS/NAT -> Client

In this case the OS/NAT will get the Contact in the URI, which is
sip:os-ip;x-orig-ip=x.x.x.x;x-orig-priv-ip=y.y.y.y, and a Route header,
because it's just a proxy, not a B2BUA. 

So nothing bogus here, it's just that I tweak the contact a little bit.


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Hi Walter,

maybe I do not fully understand your scenario, but do not see how the IP 
of the last proxy may appear both in RURI and a Route hdr - it means 
either the ACK is bogus, either the ACK indeed passed twice via that proxy.

if you can get an ngrep trace of the INVITE + 200OK + ACK, I will be 
able to better understand the situation.


Walter Schober wrote:

>Consider, one has targeted the last proxy by IP
>address, e.g. the proxy is responsible for 111.222.333.129.
>Then e.g. some ACK might be sent to ACK sip:user at 111.222.333.129 + Route
>Header pointing to itself.
>This is not handled by after_strict(). 

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