[Devel] Error messages

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Wed May 3 12:54:52 CEST 2006

Hi Helge,

the only way you can troubleshoot memory problems is by compiling the 
memory debug support (remove the F_MALLOC and add DBG_QM_MALLOC flag).
you will get a lot of info about memory processing - like how much 
memory is required via each malloc, what's the allocated pool, etc.

recompile with mem dbg support and restart the proxy; wait for the 
errors to appear again. The error seams to be triggered by the private 
(pkg) memory.

it may be a memory leak or a bogus malloc call. Once the error appeared 
in the logs, use SIG_USR1 to force the guilty process to dump statistics 
about pkg memory (to see if mem leak).


Helge Waastad wrote:

>I suddenly started to get the following in my logs:
>Apr 27 10:18:29 proxy-01 /usr/sbin/openser[19868]:
><= Replication (nat)
>(<sip:67512389 at;rinstance=845c695340c05ab4;transport=udp>)
>Apr 27 10:18:29 proxy-01 /usr/sbin/openser[19868]: ERROR:parse_headers:
>memory allocation error
>Apr 27 10:18:29 proxy-01 /usr/sbin/openser[19868]: parse_message():
>Error while parsing headers
>Apr 27 10:19:08 proxy-01 /usr/sbin/openser[19868]: ERROR: replace_build:
>out of mem (rpl)
>The running platform is the last updated cvs (which is starting to get
>quite old, I guess)
>I will start to look into the server this afternoon.
>br hw

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