[Devel] Please help me in Openser Admin

Ferianto siregar ferianto_voip at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 28 13:31:11 CEST 2006

Dear all,

Thanks to all of you for your kind-hearted to give me solution in solving my problem. Thank you very much.
Thanks to openser developer team, who has released Openser Administrator in sourceforge.net
I have some questions about the openser admin. I do anybody can help me to undestand what the openser admin use for and how to install it.
These are my question:
1. Is openser adminstrator a web application? I mean,  does it have same function like "serweb" in ser?
2. How to install the openser administrator in openser server?
I use openser1.1.0-tls and what packets does it need?
3.Is the openser administrator just used by the administrator to manage his/her server? or The openser administrator can be used like  a serweb?(the client also can use it) because as I read from the reply message in this forum, the serweb can not use for openser1.1.0-tls
4. If it is not like serweb, can anybody tell me what is the suitable web application for openser ?

That is all my questions. I do hope anybody can help me. Thanks 



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