[Devel] PA question

Javier Ramirez jvr_78 at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Aug 17 20:45:46 CEST 2006

Hi !
when I receive this tuples in a NOTIFY, the user is closed or open ? 

<presence xmlns="urn:ietf:pa
rams:xml:ns:pidf " entity="pres:jejenet.com at">
<tuple id="0x 4086b4ecx1606714ex44e4b46b">
    <contactpriority="1.00">sip:jejenet.com at</contact>
<tuple id="0x40863fc8x312c2a9bx44e4b3a1">
<contact priority="0.00">sip:jejenet.com at;transport=udp</contact>

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