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Julien BLACHE julien.blache at linbox.com
Mon Aug 7 16:00:38 CEST 2006

Klaus Darilion wrote:


> Not on unstable. When I build openser packages, I first fetch 
> radiusclient-ng from CVS from berlios and build it using the included 
> debian build files. These packages are named libradius-ng and 
> libradius-ng-dev.

Ah, OK.

> But when I look at your build dependencies for openser I see: 
> libradiusclient-ng. Thus I wonder you name the package different. Don't 
> you use the original build files?

Probably not, in this case. The name of the package depends on the name 
of the library shared object and its soname, so either the library is 
named libradiusclient-ng.so.X.Y.Z (X would be 2, in this case, given the 
package is named libradiusclient-ng2 in Debian), or the whole library 
got renamed in Debian to avoid a conflict with a previous/different version.

It doesn't look like the library got renamed specifically in Debian 
(there's no indication of it in the changelog), in this case.


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