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Julien BLACHE julien.blache at linbox.com
Mon Aug 7 14:25:26 CEST 2006

Klaus Darilion wrote:


> I'm not a debian expert, thus maybe my questions are stupid.

You know the proverb ;)

> What is the problem with setting compat to 4 and allowing both, 
> mysqlclient15 or mysqlclient14 ?

compat 4 won't build the openser-dbg package all by itself (this was 
added in level 5); I added some code to debian/rules to emulate the 
compat 5 behaviour, though.

For mysqlclient, adding libmysqlclient14-dev could have side effects 
when the package is autobuilt, so I'd rather not do that.

> Regarding radius: When I build radiusclient-ng (using the original 
> debian build files) the resulting packages are named: libradius-ng
> Thus, I wonder why the dependency is named libradiusclient-ng?

Hmm, which version did you use ? I can't find the package on a current 
unstable system.

> If there is a reason for naming it libradiusclient-ng, it should be 
> reported to Maxim to update the source code of radiusclient-ng.

I think it got renamed to allow the old radiusclient and the new one 
(standard uneducated guess disclaimer >here<)

>> Given the radiusclient problem, I'm probably going to add a 
>> debian-sarge packaging directory, baring any objections. Thoughts ?
> Adding a packaging directory for sarge will solve the mysql and compat 
> issue, but not radiusclient naming

I need to dig into that, added on the todo list for tonight.


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