[Devel] Voice quality of SEMS

Karim Sedraoui karim.sedraoui at efixo.com
Wed Aug 2 12:06:47 CEST 2006

Hi ,
I'm using sems 0.9.6, and it works well. I have only a problem with 
voice quality. When I call the answer Machine with a sip phone, wav 
played by sems sound scratchy. I try to know why and how repair this issue?

I want to increase the quality of the voice played by sems

First,I note that this problem seems cyclic.
Second, the Sip Phone and codec are not responsable: I used too 
different codecs, sip phones (grandstream, thomson) and ATAs.

When I take some trace with tcpdump, on ethereal Rtp Packets appears 
have defaults on jitter. the jitter value dicreas to attemps a min then 
it stop (no Rtp Packets are sent by sems) and then restart normaly.

So, I try to know how to slow down RtpPackets sending frequency or to 
make sending frequency constant.

Could somebody help me !


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