[Devel] about the next release

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Tue Aug 2 23:33:50 CEST 2005

The features we proposed (and many other) for next release are almost 
done. As you can see in the roadmap (http://openser.org/roadmap.php), 
mandatory items were achieved, a few optional are still to be worked on 
and other that would be good to have in next release popped up on the 
mailing lists.
The major item which is still pending is the authentication via uac 
module. Another thing that should be there is the clean up of serctl + 
support for the other database types. Other topics discussed on mailing 
- error handling - to be done gradually
- IP filters
- some basic privacy support
- user ACL (group membership improvements)

All these are nice features, and they should be included in OpenSER as 
soon as possible. Anyhow, all the time will show up new good ideas, so 
at a moment we have to make a new release, and as OpenSER proposed to 
be, the releases should not make users to wait too long.

Since there were many new features in development version, the proposed 
way to go is to start testing the development version as much as 
possible from now, even if we do not freeze the CVS right now. After 
just a few weeks freeze the CVS so we can have a fresh release somewhere 
in September. Meanwhile new features (some from listed above, and not 
only) may make their way into release, if they are fast to achieve. The 
more complex ones, will go probably in the second one.

Details about what is new in the development version:

Any comment and suggestions are welcome.

Let's start preparing a new release!

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