[Kamailio-Users] Can kamailio bypass rtp media to backend sip server?

Lei Tang lei.tlfly at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 11:14:13 CET 2009

Hi everyone, I'm new to kamailio. I plan to setup a sip server cluster, Does
someone can give me some suggestions if I can use kamailio as front server,
which handle sip message and bypass rtp media
 message to backendserver, this mean the kamailio handle only sip message,
the rtp packets are sent directed to backend server.

The sip sequences is
   1.softswitch send invite to kamailio
   2.kamailio send invite to backend server.
   3.backend server return 200 ok to kamailio
   4.kamailio return 200 ok to softswitch, the ip and port in sip is from
the backend server's msg, this make the softswitch send rtp direct to
backend server.
   5.rtp packets are transfered between softswitch and backend server.
   6.backend server send bye to kamailio
   7.kamailio send bye to softswitch.

lei.tlfly at gmail.com
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