[Kamailio-Users] [sr-dev] Inbound NAT detection and fix_nated_register() very poorly documented

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Fri Nov 27 15:28:58 CET 2009

Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:

> But was a bit too long for me to read and reply at the time I got it ... 
> will do it soon.

My fundamental question can be distilled to something very simple:

If I have a REGISTER from a NAT'd endpoint, what can I do (in terms of 
existing module functionality, e.g. fix_nated_register(), save()) to 
"store" the fact that the endpoint is NAT'd in such a way that this 
can be detected again on a lookup() for an inbound call and special 
measures can be taken?

I suppose there are many things that can be done - special AVPs stored 
in the DB, custom SQL queries, manually checking if the RURI domain is 
an RFC1918 address string etc., but I want to know what the canonical 
way to do this in terms of the existing modules is.  After all, it is 
a common need to know that your call is going to a NAT'd endpoint 
prior to receiving a reply for that request.

My secondary concern is that the way lookup() works when 
received_param is used is not documented at all.

-- Alex

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