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"sip show peer"  after success registration (with record route() using )?


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Let me describe my scenario:


SipUser1 -------register request------------> kamailio (SIP Proxy) -------
forwarded register request-----------> Asterisk


1.	In the above scenario, when I register to Asterisk through Kamailio,
it works fine when I give the "record-route()" function in the cfg file.
Further, using this, I can also call to another extension 602 which is also
registered to Asterisk but 602 cannot call to 601 which is registered via
2.	However, If I remove the "record-route()" function without
unregistering 601 and restarting the server, 602 can call to 601 . 

route {

 if ($fU=="601"&&is_method("INVITE"))


  rewritehost(""); //asterisk host



route[1] {

        # send it out now; use stateful forwarding as it works reliably

        # even for UDP2TCP

        if (!t_relay()) {






should i add anything in script further...




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