[Kamailio-Users] avp

Anders vaerge at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 14:13:08 CET 2009

Hi all,

Here I am - back with more "Kamailio 101"-questions! ;-)

I need to strip the first character from the uri and write this to the
'acc' table. What I'm doing so far in kamailio.cfg is:

modparam("acc", "db_extra", "............., $avp(s:user_ip_tag)");

So I've added the avp-thing in that line. And independently I've
created a new column in the 'acc' table called "user_ip_tag".

If the above is correct, my next step is to write something to this
variable. In the routing, I have this:

	if (uri=~"^sip:[1-9]00*")


What I want to do, is to take the 1-9 digit, if it starts with that
and has to zeroes after, and put that to the avp - and the strip it
off before I move on in the routing.

Yes, I have browsed the documentation, but I'm not sharp enough to
understand it, it seems. (or alternatively, the documentation is not
made for beginners).


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