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Thu Dec 25 11:01:10 CET 2008

Hi All,


I am working on PUA module.I am running PUA as Apllication server.I have  
registered ALICE in a client which doesn't have presence support (OpenIC  
client) and BOB in UCTIMSCLIENT which has presence support.And i am  
invoking SUBSCRIBE message by a script file to know the presence of BOB to  

When the status of BOB is changed,NOTIFY is getting Terminated at I-CSCF.

ERROR i am getting is :

"406 Initial Request Method not allowed atthe I-CSCF".

According to traces while registration flow is as follows:

FLOW 1: PUA------>i-cscf------>s-cscf.

But actually the flow should be:

FLOW 2: PUA------>p-cscf------>s-cscf.

I have enabled outbound proxy server in configuration file to get FLOW  
2.But,the flow is not changed.

Kindly let me know ,how to get NOTIFY message when status of BOB is changed.

Thanks in Advance.
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