[Kamailio-Users] Accounting: How to avoid a fraudulent BYE with lower CSeq?

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Thu Dec 18 16:09:09 CET 2008

Iñaki Baz Castillo wrote:
> Well, failure_route will not be called when receiving a 200 OK in this
> BYE transaction.
> failure_route is  only invoked for [3456]XX responses. 200 can only be
> handled in on_reply_route, but I don't know if acc flag can be set in
> on_reply_route.

Ah, yeah, you're right :)
I think I was discussing this with Daniel some time ago, and as far as I 
remember, he thought it was save to do so (although it's not enabled for 
reply route, so you could call a route block from within your reply 
route to get around this instead of using failure route, but no 
guarantees for that)...


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