[Kamailio-Users] openser and asterisk auth problem.

Andrew V.Statsenko alter at siptalk.ru
Thu Dec 18 11:26:52 CET 2008

18/12/2008 в 11:14 +0100, BERGANZ François wrote:

> I want to authenticate in openser some users 

OK, frontend will auth users - need some code in INVITE route in the
kamailio config.

> which are in asterisk conf (to do load balancing with another asterisk).

Also little code in kamailio config.

> If I delete the user from the asterisk config and insecure=invite for the openser, 

OK, also little code in kamailio for 'From' user must be same as 'Auth'

> asterisk accept the call, but, I want that asterisk see that it is
that user which is doing the call.

You can take this information (that it is that user) in your Asterisk
dialplan through 'From' header


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