[Kamailio-Users] Use Carrierroute to rewrite from_uri based on prefix table

rod kawarod at laposte.net
Thu Dec 18 08:29:06 CET 2008

Thanks Henning,

> Carrierroute rewrites the R-URI because you normally want to route your 
> message according them. So this is hardcoded in the logic of the module. The 
> from uri user (like you've tried above) can be only used as the user part for 
> the R-URI. Mangling your from uri is normally not related to routing 
> decisions. But you can use the uac module functions to change this, for 
> example.

I understood that CR module is a scalable way to do LCR, I was just 
hoping that I could get From Uri mangling using the same prefix table 
provided by the CR module without rewriting a script logic to do a 
prefix lookup and then use the UAC module.
Maybe in a next release :p

Thanks a lot for providing us this module.


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