[Kamailio-Users] openser and asterisk auth problem.

Andrew V.Statsenko alter at siptalk.ru
Thu Dec 18 10:14:59 CET 2008

В Чтв, 18/12/2008 в 09:41 +0100, BERGANZ François пишет:
> Hello,
> I have :

> My softphone auth to openser (with username/password of asterisk sync
> with a database…)
> Openser forward the INVITE to asterisk and asterisk return Unautorize!
> I tried to have the same realm to try de have the same auth for
> asterisk and openser…
> But without success.

> In fact, I need to auth to openser(with asterisk config user in the
> database) and forward to asterisk the INVITE.

First off all try to read sip.conf &

Second.. you have to configure OpenSER as _peer_ in Asterisk
configuration ;-) 



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