[Kamailio-Users] [Kamailio-Devel] Kamailio 1.4.2 : Weird Retransmission

Aurelien Grimaud gstelzz at yahoo.fr
Fri Dec 12 12:02:01 CET 2008

Sorry, same thing.
CALLID: 1-15931-

tm was retrieved from svn before applying patch.
cd modules
mv tm tm.patch2
svn up tm
cd ..
patch -p0 < ../tm-rb3.diff
make all
make install
openser restart


Daniel-Constantin Mierla a écrit :
> Hello,
> let's see with this patch. I had no time to test it by myself, so your 
> help is very much appreciated.
> You have to revert the previous ones.
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> On 12/12/08 11:48, Aurelien Grimaud wrote:
>>>> First try, without ngrep or tcpdump.
>>>> BYE for CALL-ID=3-18225- is retransmitted.

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