[Kamailio-Users] Simple Proxying?

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Wed Dec 10 23:49:28 CET 2008

Hello,  I'm a newbie with OpenSER/Kamailio so please bear with me.
I'm trying to use OpenSER 1.3.4 and rtpproxy to connect two IP PBXs.
The two PBXs (and the phones they serve) cannot talk directly to each
other, they need to go through my OpenSER system.  One system is a
Cisco CallManager cluster (v5.1.3) which I administer and the other is
a Mitel system run by another organization.  I have a CentOS box
running OpenSER and rtpproxy with two interfaces one on each network.
Routing on the CentOS box appears correct as I can ping everything I
expect to.  I've gotten OpenSER configured so that SIP messages are
sent between the PBXs, but the SDPs aren't getting rewritten properly
and the RTP isn't getting passed through the rtpproxy.  I've attached
my config so far, can anyone point out where I've gone wrong or point
me to some example configs that might help me out?  All of the example
configs that I've found so far seem to be oriented towards SIP

Jeff Ollie

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