[Kamailio-Users] no free tcp receiver

Gawith gawith at gmx.de
Fri Dec 5 14:23:57 CET 2008

Klaus Darilion schrieb:
>> That's the point. The server does nearly nothing:
>> I have 10 TCP childs and only about 2 INVITEs/sec.
> Then there is probably something going wrong.
> I would:
> - stop the proxy and all clients
> - start tcpdump or wireshark (without capture filter)
> - start the clients (if you have clients)
> - make a single call, hang up
> - repeat the single call, hang up.
> Then analyze the capture file: Are there "strange" SYN packets trying to 
> establish a connection which does not work? Are there other TCP errors 
> (RST, FIN ...)
> I suspect that workers are trying to establish new tcp connection which 
> do trigger a timeout - and as TCP handling in Kamailio is blocking the 
> TCP workers are busy when new requests are received.

I've check the traces and can not see any suspicious SYNs etc. All looks 
But I recognized that the "no free tcp receiver" comes along with a 
"CRITICAL:core:handle_io: empty fd map" messages. Nevertheless, I have 
no clue at all...

Just for clarification: if I have 5 TCP children, then only 4 childs are 
worker processes. If a sip peering partner with 4 different SIP server 
has a network split, all my worker childs are blocked and wait for TCP 
timeouts. In the meantime, no calls to anywhere else is possible. Right?


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