[Users] Behavioural Difference Question - Regarding SER/OpenSER

Tavis P tavis.lists at galaxytelecom.net
Fri Sep 30 23:24:42 CEST 2005

With SER i had a config with some logic that would, in a certain
situation, route a call to itself, eventually timeout and then route
the call elsewhere (cancelling the transaction with the initial
client).  In this situation SER would add One VIA header per message
passing through its script (meaning there would be two VIA headers
pointing to the SER proxy when the message was sent out), however when
the call timed out SER would send the CANCEL message directly to the
endpoint instead of using the VIA header fields as one would expect
them to be used (ie, first sending the message back to itself and then
onto the destination).

With OpenSER, using the same config, in the same situation it would
send the CANCEL first to itself and then to the endpoint.

I was just curious if there is a configuration option that controls
this behaviour (it seems an optimization of sorts, if the next via is
to myself then skip it) or is it a core difference?


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