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jayesh nambiar jayesh_1017 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 19:42:01 CEST 2005

hi everybody,
I've just put my openser 0.9.5 in the production environment and it works well. For now, I jus use a query to extract the CDR as "call_date", "orig_number", "termination_number", "duration" and "src_ip".
but when the volume is very large I get the following problem. The scenario is as follows.
call_date                  | orig_number             | term_number                     | duration   | src_ip
2005-09-25 20:45:30 | 203 at my_sip_server  | 56924536 at my_sip_server  | 14:00:30   X.X.X.X 
2005-09-25 20:45:30 |56924356 at my_sip_server | 43234123 at my_sip_server| 4:00:30   X.X.X.X 
I get the same number as the origination number which was the destination number some moments before, when in reality it is not possible to call from that particular number. 
But this only happens when the calling volume is really large. Does anyone have any idea regarding this.
If you want to see the query I can do that.
pls share if there is some better query to generate the CDR..
I have also downloaded the latest version 0.10.x from CVS head. Can somebody tell me how stable is it for the production environment.

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