[Users] asterisk

Urban mailing.lists at ecr-consulting.se
Thu Sep 29 14:30:54 CEST 2005


I'm new to the list and didn't find this information in the archives so 
bare with me if this has already been discussed in the list.

I'm trying to setup openser toghether with asterisk on the same machine. 
I don't get it to work using the basic information I found on the web 
with rewritehostport("localhost:5090") and t_relay(). openser is running 
on port 5060 and * on 5090. When using tcpdump on the machine openser is 
not even contacting asterisk on port 5090 instead it returns "100 
trying..." to the phone. openser will just work as a proxy to * and add 
some extra security but most of the pbx routing logic and voicemail will 
be handled by *. Anyone having this up and running and willing to share 
the required configuration?


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