[Users] business mailing list

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at voice-system.ro
Wed Sep 28 16:41:01 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,

a new mailing list was created to provide a forum for parties who wish 
to discuss commercial or business related activities, opportunities, 
etc. related to OpenSER, VoIP, SIP ...

The email address of the mailing list is "business at openser.org". To 
subscribe/unsubscribe, follow the link:

It is list where everybody can subscribe but no archiving is done. This 
should force anyone interested in some business to get up-to-date 
information, avoiding questions related to past mails found on web 
archive. Also, it should prevent some spaming from users trying to 
increase search engine's ranking via links and message posts.

The usual mails sent to this list should be in the form of "I need 
_this_, who does it?" or "I do _this_, who needs it?", but should not be 
limited to such pattern.

Basic rules for posting on the mailing list:
- keep a fair conduit of messages, no bad remarks about others or 
- do not send images, flash or other graphics - post links instead
- it is recommended to reply directly to the sender when it is a 
one-to-one business, the others may not be interested, otherwise they 
should post a message
- if nobody answers, then nobody needs/provides what you offer/need, it 
is no reason to send the message hourly, wait for some days or weeks

Hopefully, it will help everybody for a mutual benefit.


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