[Users] Radius Authorization and AVP Retrieval

Tavis P tavis.lists at galaxytelecom.net
Wed Sep 21 20:07:19 CEST 2005

I'm having some trouble trying to integrate both Radius authentication 
and Radius AVP storage.

I'm using freeradius and there doesn't seem to be much documentation 
regarding configuration semantics and such.

Could anyone share some information on how they were able to use a 
Radius server to authenticate requests and (with avp_radius) as an AVP 
retrieval mechanism?

I'm uncertain as to how I can stack these two uses of data on the 
freeradius server, the problem is that when a client authenticates 
(either INVITE proxy-authorization or REGISTER) the radius transaction 
is successfull and several SIP-AVP attributes are returned.  Later on in 
the script i'm trying to use the avp_radius module (avp_load_radius 
function) to load SIP-AVPs for the callee which fails on the radius 
server due to the lack of digest authentication credentials in the 
radius requst.

Is there some technique i can employ on the freeradius server to allow 
this second transaction?  I'm not a freeradius expert and so i have not 
yet found a way to do this


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