[Users] how to modify record route header with advertised_address?

Samuel Osorio Calvo samuel.osorio at nl.thalesgroup.com
Tue Sep 13 18:26:36 CEST 2005

You can try to use record_route_preset, but be carefull!!!!!


>>> Gustavo García <ggb at tid.es> 09/13/05 05:20PM >>>
Thank you for the information Bogdan.

Acording to the "openser core cookbook"

"represents the address advertised in Via header and other destination lumps
(e.g RR header)"

May be you might want to change it.

Best regards.


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advertised_address ?

Hi Gustavo,

the RR header will be filled with IP address only on send time - the IP 
of the outgoing interface will be sent all the time.
The "advertised_address" is not used in this case (as for via).


Gustavo García wrote:

>Thank you Klaus, I was already using that function, but I wanted to know
>doesn't work the advertised_address property with record route.  Is a bug
>my script, a bug in openser or is this the expected working?
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>Asunto: Re: [Users] how to modify record route header with
>advertised_address ?
>a workaround: http://openser.org/docs/modules/0.10.x/rr.html#AEN163 
>Gustavo García wrote:
>>I've configured an address with advertised_address.   
>>I can see that it's used in Via address but not in record route.  What 
>>could be the reason?
>>Thanks a lot
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