[Users] Question regarding redundancy/load balancing

Dave ddx71 at yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 9 22:49:36 CEST 2005

Hello all:
I would like to install two OpenSer servers, two database servers and a few  mediaproxies. I want to achieve some level of redundancy. I have the following thoughts:
1) user DNS SRV records and this way I can do some load balancing. But my question is once a UA registers with one OpenSer server, how can I ensure that all future requests for SIP signalling will go the the same OpenSer server? What if the UA again does a DNS query before sending an INVITE and goes to a different OpenSer Server? Also how can I ensure that incoming INVITE requests will come to the UA from the "other" OpenSer server?
2) How do I handle the two database servers? If each DB server is connected to one OpenSer server, how do I ensure that what gets written to one DB is also written to the second database? Or is there some other way? 
I did go thru old postings on SER/OpenSER but although a lot has been discussed, no clear solution has been proposed. 
Any other pointers or thoughts will be highly appreciated. 

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