[Users] avp_db_load(), and multiple avps

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Wed Sep 7 20:23:00 CEST 2005

Hi Kanakatti,

correct, this kind of loading is not possible and because of module 
limitations, but because of DB interface limitations - the DB API does 
not support too complex queries like:
     where user=x and domain=y and (avp_name=avp1 or avp_name=avp2)

what you can do is to try to sort your avps in different tables and to 
load all user's avps from the tables.


Kanakatti Mahesh Subramanya wrote:

> I believe that avp_db_load can load either a specific avp 
> (avp_db_load("$from/username", "i:500")) or all avps of a specific 
> type (avp_db_load("$from/username", "i:"))
> I dont think that it is possible to load multiple avps as part of a 
> single command, correct?  e.g.  avp_db_load("$from/username", "i:500, 
> i:600")
> I'm doing a fairly decent amount of manipulation, and I'm trying to 
> cut down on the number of db calls that I have to make, and the 'all 
> or none' approach is starting to constrain me...
> cheers
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