[Users] Re: [Devel] how to prevent concurrent calls per subscriber?

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Tue Sep 6 12:21:27 CEST 2005

Hi Raymond,

try this in failure route:

failure_route[x] {
    log(1,"--inside failure route\n");
    if (t_check_status("(404)|(487)")) {
          log(1,"--status is 404 or 487\n");
          avp_db_delete("$from","s:/inuse"); # no need to load before

watch the log messages and the mysql queries in the logs.


Raymond Chen wrote:

>HI Andrei,
>Finally get the avp_check working, we have not problem adding a entry using
>avp_db_store now.  But how to catch SIP 404 not found message and
>avp_db_delete the entry in database?    We've tried 
>    if (t_check_status("404|487")) {
>                if (avp_db_load("$from","s:inuse/inuse")) {
>                            avp_db_delete("$from","s:/inuse");
>                }
>               exit();
>     }
>In failure_route, but it doesn't seem to catch the 404 status message.  Any
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>Hi Raymond,
>this is a runtime error. it means that you try to check via "avp_check" 
>two avps which have different types of values (int and string).
>my guess is that the problem is around :
>if (avp_check("s:limit","gt/$intinuse/g")) {
>avp_write will actually write the "s:inuse" string into $intinuse AVP 
>and not copy the value (not sure which is the intention).
>Use avp_print() before each "avp_check" to see the values (use debug=6).

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