[Users] BYE before 200 OK?

Iqbal iqbal at gigo.co.uk
Fri Sep 2 20:34:08 CEST 2005

to the 200 OK the UAC should send a ACK


Michael Ulitskiy wrote:

>This is what I though it should look like. Nonetheless they're 
>sending BYE right after 183 and I'm wondering if I should complain
>about it or this is something I overlooked in SIP specification.
>Also I didn't get which ACK do you mean? As you can see the
>only ACK in this session is very last ACK and I thought that session
>should be ended after I replied 200 OK to their BYE.
>On Friday 02 September 2005 01:54 pm, Iqbal wrote:
>>no BYE should occur, after 200 OK, your UAC should send ACK to openser, 
>>and openser  ACK to gateway, it seems as if the pstn GW is not getting 
>>the ACK's
>>Michael Ulitskiy wrote:
>>>Can someone please enlighten me on if this is allowed to send BYE
>>>before 200 OK? I thought that BYE should be used only after dialog
>>>established, but now I have a SIP PSTN termination provider and they
>>>appear to be sending BYE with route headers right after 183 Session Progress
>>>in some cases.
>>>So the session looks like the following:
>>>UAC                                OpenSER PSTN                       Provider UAS
>>>INVITE to openser
>>>                                        180 Trying back to UAC
>>>                                        INVITE to UAS
>>>                                                                                               180 Trying back to openser
>>>                                                                                               183 Session progress back to openser
>>>                                      183 Session Progress back to UAC
>>>                                                                                               BYE to openser with Route headers
>>>                                      BYE to UAC (loose_routing)
>>>200 OK to openser
>>>                                      200 OK to UAS
>>>Is it ok?
>>>And there's even more to it. I don't know if above is OK or not, but I would thought 
>>>that now the session is ended. Nonetheless in exactly 50 seconds I'm getting
>>>                                                                                                 183 Session progress back to openser
>>>                                      183 Session progress back to UAC
>>>-- in another 60 seconds
>>>                                                                                                  183 Session progress back to openser
>>>                                      183 Session progress back to UAC
>>>-- this happens 6 times every 60 seconds and then
>>>                                                                                                  408 Request Timeout back to openser
>>>                                       ACK to UAS
>>>                                       408 Request Timeout to UAC
>>>ACK to openser
>>>Do you think it's a provider bug? 
>>>Another question is how openser is routing replies that cannot be matched to transaction
>>>as I think transaction has already been deleted after BYE and latest 183 replies were routed
>>>by some other principle. 
>>>Could please someone comment on this?
>>>See you later,
>>>                   Michael
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