[Users] (open)SER and ICE

Christophe Irles christophe.irles at rightvision.com
Wed Nov 30 16:36:41 CET 2005


As I'm a newbie on this subject, I'm wondering how two SIP devices with ICE
compatibility will interact with a (open)SER+Mediaproxy implementation since
ICE implementation could permit to avoid RTP flow on the (open)SER server.

Is there any update to do on the conf file on the (open)SER ? Since they are
ICE compatible, the SIP flow (signalization)  will be analysed by this two
devices in order to create a direct RTP flow ? Or is it because i know on
the (open)SER side that this devices are ICE compatible I send a special SIP
message ? In fact I want to know if a server update is necessary or if it's
"free" to have this great feature. :)


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